How Drone Videos and Facebook Ads Turned Amanda From A Broke and Miserable Real Estate Agent To A 6-Figure Debt-Free Businesswoman

drone videos facebook ads

Have you ever wondered how you can grow your client list and sell more houses without overspending on marketing and ending up flat broke in the end?

Let me tell you a story about a real estate agent who tried everything from old-school, “traditional marketing” to digital marketing so she could close more deals, only to find out that she’s already 20k dollars in debt. How did she recover from this? Keep on reading and I’ll tell you.

Amanda is the owner and founder of a now 6-figure real estate business. Her company helps clients find the right buyer for their properties or the perfect home to move into.

Amanda started investing on traditional marketing 9 years ago. She had flyers and brochures done. She paid for print ads and also spent money on local radio advertising. She did all these thinking that she could reach out to more people and eventually close more deals.

drone videos facebook ads

After 3 years of trying, she was already 20k dollars in debt. She knew that she had to take it slow but when she heard from a colleague that digital marketing is the “in” thing, she had her website developed. She created a Facebook page and started tweeting about her properties, too….

Nothing happened.

Then one day, while Amanda was browsing Facebook, she noticed some ads on her news feed that were using videos. Aha! That’s when it hit her. She should use videos and advertise on Facebook! Problem was, she didn’t know how.

drone videos facebook ads

And that’s when she hired Sky Drone Miami. The company shot drone videos for 3 of her  properties and also launched and managed her Facebook ad campaign.

After the first few days of running the campaigns, Amanda noticed that she was getting a lot of engagement, not only on her ads but also on her website and Facebook page.  After a week, people started sending her inquiries. After two weeks, she got around 30 leads. After a month, she hosted her first open house! Two weeks later, she closed the deal in record time….

So many people saw her video ads which gave them an interactive view of the homes that Amanda was selling. Because of this turnout, Amanda never felt so hopeful and excited in her career! For the first time, she felt that something good was really going to happen and it did. Amanda is now earning 6-figures a year and yes, she paid all her debt.

drone videos facebook ads

Do you want to triple your client list and double your property sales like Amanda? Click here and let Sky Drone Miami help you grow your real estate business and turn it into a 6-figure money-making machine!

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