Top 10 Reasons How Your Business Can Get More Leads & Clients with Miami Drone Services

Discover How Drones Can Make Your Business Get More Leads & Sales

Miami Drone ServicesYour business needs videos for you to promote it, either for real estate, hotels, resorts or other special events… If you need to widen the scope of your marketing campaign, the idea of making videos is the fastest way to potentially get leads or better yet, SALES. Digital marketing as what most people know now is the “IN” thing. Experts say that business owners are now resorting to promoting or advertising their product or service through the internet.

However, this isn’t an easy task and not everything works. There are things that you have to take note of when marketing your product online. You can’t just rely on posting static images on Facebook or tweeting your discount promos on twitter or sharing on Instagram. You have to be strategic and go with what’s working for other business owners.

As mentioned earlier, video is the main ingredient or tool that you must have when promoting your product or service digitally. That being said, you need to have a team that will help you make entertaining and engaging videos. Why? Because you can waste a lot of money if you pick people who are not capable enough to help you make great videos from filming, editing and marketing.

Choose a video production and marketing team that is not one dimensional when it comes to what they can offer. They have to be spontaneous and creative! Yes, there are a lot of production teams that have the means to make your videos but not everyone can think out of the box…Not everyone can spice up your videos that will get people’s attention.

People want to always see something interesting, something that will make them stop and watch. Producers and business owners are always looking to create amazing shots or exciting scenes that will be the meat of their videos to be used for marketing.

More and more people have been using drones lately (including big shot film producers), which is also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV’s because many believe that this is a game changer when it comes to making videos.

If you live in South Florida, it’s a great idea to find the best Miami drone services so you won’t be left behind. If you think you need some tweaking in promoting your business and if you need to enhance your product or service’s market value, read on..

In This Article, We Will Be Covering:

  • Four essential reasons for using drones in real estate
  • How aerial shots could be beneficial for your real estate business
  • Three vital reasons why hotels and resorts in Miami need drones
  • How drone shots could increase new customers for South Florida hotels and resorts
  • 3 important facts why drones could be beneficial for your special events
  • How drones can affect your event promotion
  • Why call Sky Drone Miami for your Florida drone photography and video needs

Four Essential Reasons For Using Drones in Real Estate

Miami, as we all know has one of the most elegant, modern and most expensive homes in the entire world. There is no other way to better promote and showcase these beautiful homes than to use aerial videos and photography!

That is where drones come in. They are the only video equipment capable of capturing almost every angle of these multi-million dollar homes.

Here are the top four reasons why you need to hire reliable drone companies in Florida and for making walk through videos in promoting your real estate business.

  • Creating Interesting Motion Virtual Tours – You can create virtual tours by combining videos and photography when showcasing the property you are selling. This will give a great impression to your potential buyers and will leave them thinking that you are all out and proud to show them each and every part of the home. You can add background music to your video, text titling support, professional voice over, plus a well-written script that is informative to create an interesting story.
  • Making Your Shots Dramatic & Compelling – Drones are able to fly all throughout the entire property – in and out, from top to bottom, creating professional shots in different perspectives that no other video equipment can do. As a result, your videos will have more dramatic scenes which will most likely become engaging. Thus, it will be more compelling compared to just creating a ground-based photography. 
  • Highlighting the Most Appealing Property Features – When you are equipped with drones, you can feature the most attractive and unique parts of the property you are selling by playing with your shots. You can show the pool, basketball and tennis courts, front or back yards, gazebos, ponds, verandas and a lot more. There is no doubt that these are the key elements customers are looking for when searching for a property. By using drones, you can create wide shots that will reveal the entire space of the property. 
  • Generate New Potential Clients – By using drones to your listings, you create impressive videos. In connection with that, you are able to show the market that you are reliable because you are using well-produced and edited videos. You will make a great first impression to your prospective buyers. That means you’ll potentially drive more customers to your official website or to your social media platforms.People may be sick and tired of seeing the same type of real estate video ads over and over again.  Stand out from the rest and utilize a well-edited, professionally shot drone video with angles that emphasize great areas of the property.

How Aerial Shots Could Be Beneficial for Your Real Estate Business

Great shots can sell properties. Since you’re selling something that should look ‘nice’ and attractive, you should start by investing in great photography.

Why is real estate photography for Miami properties a must?

• Out-marketing your competitors – 
Imagine showing amazing aerial shots that were done professionally – can you already see how you’re standing out from the other realtors?

• Allows you to create more engaging shots – 
Effective and attractive pictures and videos can be produced by drones. A well captured image or video looks completely professional and could generate interests from potential clients.

Possible retainers for you – 
You can have possible retainers in the real estate market when they know that you  are capable of using drones for photos and videography. This will make them think that you or your company is reliable and that you could actually sell and represent their property effectively. In turn, you can have more clients that would always come back to you for a repeat business.

Spending money wisely – 
No more helicopters or cranes that cost an arm and a leg because drones are cost effective. They can deliver better quality shots at a fraction of the cost.

Showcasing your listing virtually is made easier – 
Drone shots enables GREAT and interesting shots showing the entire property as a tour for your clients. A drone can fly all throughout a certain property from the front end and travel in each and every room or area to create a natural tour. This can be made into a video, that could be best combined with effects, captions and a narration for a walkthrough of the property.

No part of the property will be missed out – 
Aerial shots (photos and videos) can emphasize the vital areas of a property, so any part of the property whether it’s “just okay” or “amazingly beautiful” – there is no hiding with drones. Another point that will attract your potential clients because they know you are not lying or hiding something. What they see is what they get. Drones can capture the entire yard or land in a single shot, showing a large land area.

Three Vital Reasons Why Hotels and Resorts in Miami Need Drones

If you own or even operate a hotel and resort business, you know that you always need to be on top of everything in order to maintain it. Your competitors will always raise the bar higher by special offers, huge discounts and other gimmicks just to attract more patrons.

You need to keep up if not surpass their innovative ideas in advertising your business to maintain a position in the mainstream. Otherwise, you’ll remain unknown in the industry and will soon probably close down due to insufficient funds because you lack the capability to promote your business.

The competition is tougher today because of the use of online media and advertising. How will you stand out? The hospitality market continues to grow and the element of technology is really important to set yourself apart.

What better way to promote your hotel and resort business than to create compelling Miami aerial photography and videos? You can post these on social media or use these as paid ads creatives to gather more views and customers.

Taking Shots with Wider Coverage –The larger the facility, the more effective your aerial photos and videos will be. There is definitely NO way to capture the perspective a drone can cover from the ground with the traditional use of camera trucks, helicopters or cranes.

Visual Support for Properties –You can take close up shots at properties to feature focal points and capture the actual true beauty of the place. You can also visually support a property’s interior. Aerial videos and photos of Miami from above can capture the vast area without making your viewers feel bored of the usual static shots or images. These creative scenes can be taken from the ground up.

Cost Effective Promotion of Your Facility or Hotel to Your Clients –With a great shot selection and effective editing, you can give your clients a bird’s eye view of the property to promote your resort or hotel. If a picture paints a thousand words, can you imagine what an actual video says?

Imagine placing these creatives on your website – how many clients do you think this will attract? You can also market your property through sales videos and paid ads which would be drastically less expensive than helicopter based photo sessions.

How Drone Shots Could Increase Customers for Hotels and Resorts

Drones represent a great tool for marketing in the tourism industry.

A lot of people nowadays book hotels online. It’s your job (as a hotel or resort owner/ marketer) to advertise your business and tempt potential visitors. No matter how attractive your photos are, they can never be compared to amazing aerial shots delivered by drone companies in Florida. With a camera mounted on a drone, long and wide shots plus close ups become brilliantly taken.

Capturing the Miami aerial view of a hotel or resort would up your game by 100 percent. Aerial videos and photos can clearly show every aspect of your hotel, in 4k definition (that means no blurred images or pixels when zooming in!). You can provide your viewers some innovative video content, a unique view of the resort, a tourist attraction or a destination.

After taking those awesome shots, it’s time to put them on your website. Doing so could enhance your online presence and convert most of your visitors from online to on site. Uploading these videos and photos would be able to give your customers a virtual tour of your hotel or your resort. It’s like having the feel of being there, without actually being present. The more creative your shots are, the better.

Advertising your business through aerial videos and photos could maximize your possibility of success. It allows you to highlight the entire area and offer your potential guests a view of what they would be seeing upon their arrival.

Now, that’s a great way to build anticipation and excitement!


Three Important Facts Why Drones Could Be Beneficial for Your Special Events

On your special day, you’re looking better than ever. Whether it’s your birthday, your wedding, graduation or a big celebration – this is something that YOU want to remember.

You want to capture every moment and cherish this for a lifetime. Aerial photography services in Florida would be a great way to document your photos to make your event more memorable.
Weddings and birthdays would be more memorable with out of the box shots, clips and stills using drones.

Now, what about special events and concerts?

Drones can be beneficial for these as well!

Take Amazing Photos –Drones can take amazing aerial pictures that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. Photos before the event like the venue and the set up can be taken, and these can also be shared on your website, ticket pages, sales pages and more.

People love seeing things being put together, and stage set ups, decors and the snapshots of the venue could entice people to buy and increase ticket sales. Aside from that, these images can also be used for a different marketing event. Events that take place once a year would benefit from these types of shots so customers can have an idea how it looks like.

Shoot Videos That Could Build Excitement –Drones can also capture aerial event footage. Images and shots that are moving, sweeping, taking off and showing the top view are perfect for your marketing campaigns. You can show your customers how the actual venue looks like, the overall set up of the stage, the area of the event and even more. This could actually build excitement and motivate people to buy or share these clips to their friends!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a venue for a concert or an event, you can use drones to check the entire location. You can take shots of areas that are hard to reach or hard to take pictures of. The use of drones could be beneficial most especially if you are viewing different areas or locations. From the footage that you’ll take, you can show these to your colleagues, team members or clients so they can pick the best one without even going to the area.

Provide Surveillance and Security Clips –Drones are also operational as mobile security cameras. What if during an event, something happens within the crowd? Drones can send footage to a monitor and sends the feed to your staff. 

By doing so, you can see if there is anything out of the ordinary or if there is any danger present. When an issue is found or a threat, the drone could follow it. Drones during special events allow you to see everything that’s going on.

How Drones Can Affect Your Event Promotion


Drones are great tools for entertainment and visual shows. Picture this: night time shows, timed music, aerial shows and drawing a huge crowd. People taking videos of your aerial show, sharing these on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their friends will then see their posts… and share, like and comment. You get the gist, right? You can get word-of-mouth or organic promotion just through these great shots.

Mobile Hotspots
Did you know that drones could also be used as mobile hotspots? If an event needs a faster internet connection, a drone hotspot could be your best bet. Terrible and slow WiFi could turn people off, and you want to provide faster and reliable WiFi during a show.

Drones can also deliver items to your attendees. You can always be creative! Drop off some prizes, food, giveaways, souvenirs in a unique manner. You can give items nearby at assigned delivery areas during an event.

Live Streaming
Have you ever considered streaming your events – LIVE? You can definitely do that with drones! It will capture the exact moment with the actual attendees or set up, to make viewers feel ‘part’ of the occasion.

You can do live streams during an event, before or after, during a stage announcement, during the event set up and even more!

Monitoring Logistics
Parking, security, surveillance – drones could be useful here too! Check out the flow of traffic in your parking lot, monitor people at gates of the event or take a look at long lines.. Drones could help notify you immediately so you could be on top of everything.

For South Florida Aerial Videos and Photography, Contact Sky Drone Miami

Whatever type of drone shots you need, whether it’s for your real estate listings, large construction projects, property inspections, special events, concerts, weddings or fairs – we can help!

What makes us different from other drone companies out there?

Unlike ordinary Florida drone companies that could only SHOOT drone videos, we will take you through our unique three step process to ensure that you get the most out of your shots.
Here’s how it works..

We will shoot your drone videos that will give your business the “wow” factor, which will obviously make you stand out from the rest. We will take scenes from the ground up, on top, having aerial views and movement.

Then, we will also shoot an eye level perspective video for you, to ensure that you get MULTIPLE shots from different angles. Room to room, one area to another, or one place to the next.

We will then EDIT the finished product. We won’t just send you simple cut to cut scenes. We want to make it look even more professional.

But it doesn’t end there.. We will also market your videos online! Other companies don’t usually market videos on social media – but WE CAN and we will!

We will take your finished video and put this on Facebook and YouTube. We will also create landing pages (or custom made one pager sales pages) to capture your leads and queries. We just made a breathtaking video for you, and it’s time to show it off!

You get aerial photos, ground level pics, interior and exterior shots, up to 20 processed images, a minute standard edited video, a 30 second Facebook ad AND a seven day Facebook ad campaign — all for one affordable price.

You won’t get this anywhere else..

Schedule your drone appointment today and speak to our drone services Miami expert or call us at (305) 542-7626 now if you have more questions or if you’re ready to shoot amazing videos and photos!

Please watch this short video and learn more about drones and how it can benefit your business!